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Insurance Carriers and Documenting Communication

Although American Reproductive Centers will assist you with determining insurance benefits for infertility testing or treatment, we recommend that patients become their own advocates. We strongly suggest that all patients contact their insurance carriers and determine the benefits available to them. We also recommend that you keep accurate documentation of any communication you have with your insurance.

Questions to Consider


  • Does my policy cover infertility treatment or testing?
  • Does my policy have out of network coverage?
  • Does my policy have limitations? (e.g.Waiting periods, exclusions, pre-existing condition limitation etc.)
  • Does my policy have a deductible?
  • Does my policy have a special or different co-pay for specialists?
  • Does my policy require a referral from the primary care doctor? 


  • Does my policy cover office visits?
  • Does my policy cover lab testing?
  • Does my policy cover radiology testing?
  • Are there restrictions on the laboratory that must be used? 


  • Does my policy cover artificial insemination (AI)?
  • Does my policy cover In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?
  • Does my policy cover Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)?
  • Does my policy cover donor eggs or donor sperm?
  • Does my policy cover Surrogacy?
  • Does my policy cover any medications?
  • Which Pharmacy can I use?
  • Do I have a separate Pharmacy benefit?
  • Are injectable medications covered.
  • Does my policy cover any other fertility treatments not asked with above questions?

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