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Decade of IVF Innovation: Transforming Success Rates – ARC Summit

by | Apr 9, 2024 | ARC Summit, News

Decade of IVF Innovation: Transforming Success Rates – ARC Summit

Today, I’ll discuss our lab’s evolution since 2013 and the significant investments made to enhance pregnancy rates. This journey started with our first seminar in Las Vegas back in 2013, coinciding with the Canelo-Mayweather fight, marking over a decade of progress.

We’ve targeted a 70% pregnancy rate for patients under 35, achieving this in 2023, although our over-35 rate hovers around 40%. Our strategy includes exclusively single embryo transfers, regardless of whether embryos are genetically tested. This approach aligns with current guidelines recommending single transfers to maximize safety and effectiveness.

Significant lab renovations occurred during the 2020 pandemic shutdown. We seized this as an opportunity to overhaul our facilities completely, introducing state-of-the-art clean rooms, advanced air filtration systems, and upgraded HVAC and ultraviolet light systems. These enhancements have significantly reduced volatile organic compounds in our lab, creating an optimal environment for embryology.

Our team has grown, with experienced embryologists like Dr. Rahil and others who bring decades of expertise. This expansion is part of our broader vision to elevate our service to an international standard.

Looking ahead, we aim to improve our success rates for patients over 35 by our next meeting in October 2024. Continuous improvement in our lab processes and staff expertise is crucial as we strive for excellence in fertility treatments and patient care.

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