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Basic Infertility Testing and When to Refer – ARC Summit

by | Apr 16, 2024 | ARC Summit, News

Basic Infertility Testing and When to Refer – ARC Summit

Today, I’ll be introducing the topic of basic infertility and outlining the various treatment options available. As a precursor for the other speakers, my goal is to help you understand the fundamental causes of infertility and describe both diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for infertile couples. We will also discuss how these treatments contrast with the current standard of care, in vitro fertilization (IVF).

I should disclose that I am a founder and on the Scientific Advisory Board for a startup called Butterfly Bioscience. Although we are developing a new diagnostic and operative hysteroscopic system, today’s discussion will not cover these developments.

Our session will cover the evaluation and specific treatments for infertile couples, including IVF processes. Infertility is typically defined as not conceiving after 12 cycles of trying, or six months if you’re over 35, due to the decrease in fertility that can occur with age. After 12 months, about 85% of couples will conceive, but the rate drops significantly after two years.

It’s important to note that those who have not conceived are not necessarily infertile but may be subfertile, which means there are still potential treatments that can help. For example, my oldest patient, a 56-year-old, achieved pregnancy through the use of donor eggs and specialized treatments despite being postmenopausal. This illustrates that there is hope and potential solutions available, even in challenging cases.

I look forward to discussing these topics in more detail and exploring the advanced treatments available in Palm Springs, as managed by Dr. Abdallah and his team.

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