Who Needs Egg Freezing

Who Would Benefit from Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing can be beneficial to women who wish to preserve their fertility potential for the future.  Some reasons are:

1. Social
2. Religious
3. Cancer
4. Family History of Infertility

Social: Women often delay childbearing for educational, personal, or career reasons.  Waiting for the appropriate partner in life, continuing their education, or moving up the corporate ladder are some of the common reasons why women delay childbearing.  Some women just choose to have a family later on in life regardless of their goals and is just a personal preference.  As age is the most important factor in fertility it is essential that women consider this option.  Read more on age and infertility.

Religious: Women based on their religious or personal moral beliefs may not agree to freezing embryos.  Based on these beliefs some women or couples will opt to only fertilize the number of oocytes (eggs) necessary to complete an IVF cycle and any extra oocytes are frozen prior to fertilization.  This allows the couple or woman to not carry the burden of making a decision on what to do with undesired embryos in the future.

Cancer: Certain types of cancer therapies like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can damage oocytes (eggs) and lead to infertility.  Women who are about to undergo cancer treatment have the option to freeze some of their oocytes (eggs) prior to the treatment.  This will give them the opportunity to carry a child after the cancer treatment is complete and good health is ensured.

Family History of Infertility: Women can opt for egg freezing if there is a family history of infertility, especially if the family history is directly related to egg production.  An example of this is "premature ovarian failure" also known as "premature menopause".  As some forms of premature menopause are genetically linked egg freezing offers women with this history the chance to freeze their eggs prior to the onset of this condition.