Donor Eggs

Our egg donation program locates and screens egg donors who can provide healthy eggs for women who are unable to conceive due to advanced ovarian age, elevated FSH, multiple failed IVF attempts, or premature ovarian failure. Deciding to be a recipient of egg donation is an extremely rewarding and effective method of conception that allows you to be fully involved in the development of a child from the moment of his or her conception.

Egg donation allows you to choose the egg donor you feel most comfortable with and gives the opportunity for both intended parents to be completely engaged in the entire process of bringing a child into this world together. One of our expert staff members will plan the entire process with you and your spouse in order to help you manage the required procedure so that you will have the most positive and exciting experience that every mother deserves.

Egg donation has many advantages over other alternative methods of conception and adoption. As a recipient of egg donation, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to experience all the wonders of motherhood from the very beginning that will allow you to create a lasting bond with your child.

Egg donation is a unique method because it allows you and your spouse to carefully choose the characteristics of the donor, which may allow you to find an egg donor whose attributes are very similar to yours. As a recipient, you will be giving the fetus an environment that you know and trust for its growth and nurture - your own body!

There is no other method quite so similar to natural childbearing and childbirth as the one offered by American Reproductive Centers. Deciding to be a recipient of egg donation will allow you to experience motherhood first-hand from the very beginning, which is something no alternative method can provide you with.

And with the statistically positive rate per retrieval (over 50% delivery rate!) you can be confident that your initial procedure will result in a healthy newborn that will enter your family like a shining beacon of light.

Last but not least, egg donation often results in multiple embryos that can be used in the future if you decide to have another child, which makes the entire process a lot shorter and easier for you and your family.

We know the decision to use donor eggs can be an emotionally difficult decision to make. American Reproductive Centers understands how to work closely with you and your donor to prepare you for a successfull pregnancy.

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