Maximizing AI Success

Prior to insemination the sperm will be evaluated for volume, quantity, and motility of the sperm. If the sperm sample shows inadequate numbers your doctor may recommend performing another insemination the following day.

Your doctor may recommend ovulation induction (egg making) medications with your insemination treatments. These medications are often used to ensure an egg or more than one egg is produced. The medications can also ensure that the egg(s) being produced reach maturity. Success rates of artificial insemination with ovulation induction (egg making) are higher than artificial insemination alone.

Some men’s semen is found to be “viscous”. Viscous semen samples are thick; the fluid that sperm is in doesn't allow the sperm to swim well. For some patients a wash is not enough. If this condition is noted then the sperm may be washed and liquefied further more than once.

Artificial insemination doesn't work for everyone and is not indicated in all conditions. Our physicians will monitor your cycles and will make new recommendations after each attempt. If artificial insemination doesn't work don’t despair there are more things that we can do to help you get pregnant.