How AI works

At American Reproductive Centers your doctor will monitor your cycle to evaluate when IUI should be performed. This can be done by:

  • Using ovulation predictor kits at home
  • Blood tests
  • Or Ultrasound evaluations


Your doctor will determine when ovulation is likely to occur, then the male partner is asked to produce a semen sample. The sample is typically collected in the office. For some patients if they live near our office they can collect at home. Typically your doctor will recommend that your partner abstain for 2-5 days prior to the insemination.

Once the sample is collected it’s processed. The process is called sperm washing. The sperm is liquefied at room temperature. It is then “washed” with a substance that will remove some of the chemicals that may cause discomfort or cramping. Also by removing these chemicals there is a limited immune response from the patient. After the wash the sample is placed in a centrifuge to separate out the most active and best swimming sperm.
The washed sperm is then placed into a syringe. A small catheter (thin, flexible tube) is passed through the vagina and the cervix into the uterine cavity. The sperm is then injected through the catheter into the upper portion of the uterus (near the fallopian tube openings)

After the Insemination:

After the sperm is injected your doctor will ask you to lie down for 10-30 minutes. This will minimize any cramping and give the sperm a chance to start their work. Once this is done you may resume your routine activities.