Why ARC?

Why American Reproductive Centers For Your Gender / Sex Selection Procedure?

American Reproductive Centers utilizes the latest in medical and laboratory technologies to ensure that your offspring will have the desired sex (gender).  We also offer patients that undergo this treatment the option to test for other genetic or chromosomal conditions.  The success rate for the desired sex of the offspring is close to 100% (99.9%).  The success rate for eliminating certain genetic or chromosomal conditions is between 90-99% depending on the conditions or disorders tested for. American Reproductive Centers' physicians are board trained reproductive specialists and our embryologist is a PhD in Embryology with extensive experience and research in genetic testing.

American Reproductive Centers offers these services that only a handful of fertility centers around the world provide.  In fact Sex Selection (Gender Selection) is not offered in many countries around the world.  In the United States many states currently do not allow Sex Selection (Gender Selection) procedures to be performed.  Despite the fact that Sex Selection (Gender Selection) is not readily available to patients around the world, American Reproductive Centers offers these services without a premium cost to patients. The cost to out of state patients and international patients is the same as our local patients.  American Reproductive Centers has worked with patients from abroad and other states.  We will work closely with your local doctors to prepare you for the process of sex selection (Gender Selection) prior to visiting our center.  We will also help with some travel arrangements where appropriate, recommending travel agents and hotels.  We have helped patients from all around the globe, including Europe, Asia, middle Asia, Australia, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and of course North America (including Canada, Central America and Mexico)

How we do PGD / CGH at American Reproductive Centers:

At American Reproductive Centers we excel in providing this service to our patients. Our physicians will discuss and customize the appropriate testing based on your specific diagnoses and needs. Our embryologists have extensive training in these techniques and will provide us with results in one to two days.Once embryos are created during an IVF treatment, each embryo will be biopsied for genetic testing. This is typically done on day three of embryo development. A cell is removed from the embryo and used for testing.   This allows for the embryo to stay safe in our lab during our testing.  As the embryo develops for two more days the genetic testing is performed and the results are discussed and reviewed with our patient prior to transferring our embryos.

We are Unique:

We are one of very few Fertility Centers that actually tests your embryos locally.  Your genetic testing is not sent out to another state for testing.  Your testing is all done here at our Centers.